So...let's begin with the origins of  TRAZBARRR
Getting it to the base
Let the disassemble begin
We're tun-nn-nnn-nning the vehicle
First step is ready!
Is this a pool?
Having it shapped...
Fixing the front wheels and the automatic gear box
Starting to build the flying machine  TRAZBARRR's got a tail too...
Now it's almost ready...
The pilot checks the comfort :))
Getting back to the pool
Painting the pool...

Mutispeed direction synchronised on the diagonale(NO:9932743 PATENT)
Having the wings done
Painting the TRAZBARRR
On the way to glory...
Final destination
Something left to work on, ...
TRAZBARRR is ready to fly.
The pool is fully operational
Heading towards the launching place...under police escort :))
Here we are! Stephen the Great's nephews  (i.d Nepotii lui Stefan cel Mare)
The pilot checks the airbag...
Here comes the launching moment
Trazbarrr is docked
I'll be back soon with some new pictures...stay alert :))